21st Dec2012

Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Marduk

by Rip

In this tutorial for TTT2 we go over the vale tudo professional himself, Craig Marduk. If you guys know me, you know that Marduk gives me some trouble, so I was glad we got this one done with sooner than later. Be sure to follow our twitch channel to be notified when we go live with TTT2, whether it be tutorials or just online play:

02nd Aug2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Tutorial Video #1 – The Basics

by Rip

Namco Bandai Games of America has partnered up with Level Up Your Game to produce a brand new introductory series for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 aimed at teaching new and returning players everything they need to know to hit the ground running when the game hits store shelves the week of September 10th worldwide. This four part series will be released weekly and cover all of the basics of the game. Leave any feedback below in the comments and thanks for watching!

03rd Nov2011

Level Up Your Game – Tekken 6 – Steve Fox

by Rip

We’re back with our first episode on Machinima! MYK covers Steve Fox in depth! We need your help on this one guys. Machinima is not a fan of the length of our shows so they’d like to break it up into parts. Depending on how this episode does view wise, we may have to reformat the show. So if you’re a fan of the length, then please support by watching. If not, please post up some suggestions for how to break up the show in the comments. Thanks.


07th Jan2011

Level Up Your Game – Episode 6 – Lei Wulong

by Rip

Hey everyone! A new episode is up and this time around we cover Lei Wulong! We bring in one of the best, if not thee best, Lei player in the country, Suiken! Suiken walks through every single one of Lei’s TWELVE stances and much much more as we try and break this character down.

Also new this episode, its just ONE GIANT EPISODE. No more parts! So huge thanks to Youtube for removing the time limit! Future episodes will NOT be this long, but at least now we know that this long is possible if we wanted to! I will be posting up shortcuts after the jump. Check it out!

Full video (Shortcut links after the jump)