01st Nov2014

MASTERCUP 7 is LIVE! Largest TTT2 Tournament in the World!

by Rip

Mastercup 7 is live from Japan! The largest Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tournament in the world. This TTT2 tournament is a 5v5 format with 880 players, 38 TEKKEN machines, and all run in a single day! Saint and HelpMe from Korea are in attendance. There is also a team of famous japanese combo makers as well! For the first time ever, we have an english stream of this event thanks to Markman of MadCatz. Click here for the channel or check it out below! BRACKETS HERE!

29th May2013

Mastercup J1 Climax – 2013 – 3v3 TTT2 on July 14th

by Rip

Over at the official Mastercup website, they have announced their next major Japanese TTT2 event, however this time it will be 3on3 instead of their usual 5on5 format. With the reduction in team size, they are also reducing the max number of players in the tournament as the team limit is set to 45. Be sure to check them out on twitter and youtube as well to keep up to date with all things Mastercup.

09th Feb2013

MASTERCUP – 5v5 TTT2 Tournament – Live From Japan

by Rip

125 5 man teams doing battle in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, live from Japan. Korea has a 5 man team captained by HelpMe as well. Check it out HERE and see the full player list after the jump:


10th Aug2011

MasterCup 20-on-20 Tekken 6 Japan Vids

by Rip

I’ve been waiting for the rest of the vids to go up before posting this – so here it is in its entirety. This awesome set from MasterCupOfficial features the majority of Japan’s top players. A team that includes Ao, Fukusu, Furumizu, Shou and Nobi can’t lose… right? (more…)