25th Jul2013

Tekken Revolution – Premium Effects Trailer

by Rip

This new trailer for Tekken Revolution shows some of the new Premium Effects that have been added. These effects can be purchased once the new update hits USA (its available in Japan currently). FYI, first reports are showing that Power has been nerfed. So damage increase from Power is much less than it was previously. Also Hwoarang and Dragunov have been added as well as Warm Up modes, additional costumes to purchase and much more. Premium effects look pretty awesome.

20th May2013

Injustice – 1.03 – Patch Notes

by Rip

Over at Injustice.com NetherRealms has released the official patch notes for the patch that comes out tomorrow. Lots of balance changes in this one in addition to other fixes. It looks like they tried to buff weaker characters and nerf stronger characters, but with so many characters adjusted and Black Adam / Batman / KillerFrost going untouched, something seems off. Major nerfs to Deathstroke and Superman, Cyborg IAFB block infinite removed, rage quit patch, and much more. Should be interesting to see how the community responds. Check out all the changes after the jump