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  • Tekken Busters – Series Premier!

    Korean’s new Tekken Tag Tournament 2 based TV show has aired its first episode! Big thanks to wogasu for the upload so the rest of the world can enjoy it. Nin is back as a commentator and the episode weighs in at over 2 hours long! Check it out below src: ATP

  • Tekken Rage Grand Finals – Nin vs Lion Hart

    Updated 12:14am – April 13 We all know who Nin is, but who is this Lion Hart guy? Nin was there for two separate events. The video below is the first grand finals set from Tekken Rage. Nin went on to win in the final set to win that tournament. Separately there was the IGC […]

  • Korean Tekken Tag 2 Matches Round Up – 1/9/2011

    Korean Tekken Tag 2 Matches Round Up – 1/9/2011

    More Tekken Tag 2 matches have been coming out of Korea recently featuring top players such as Nin, Ji3moonAce, Hao, Narak Hof, Holeman, No Name and more. I cant believe Narak Hof is still using Bryan/Hwoarang! Go back to Marduk! Many more vids after the jump (Nageumsung)Kazuya/Deviljin vs (HoleMan)Kazuya/Lars http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29YzOvNUsP8