16th Oct2011

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Korea Vids, Law/Paul and Baek/Hwoarang GREAT Combos, Jin Omen Stance

by Rip

Lots of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 footage out there, so here’s a little roundup of some of the highlights. First off, Korea got their hands on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and LdBob was there to capture some footage for us. Second, a couple clips of special team combos (Law/Paul and Baek/Hwoarang) were capped and released. It looks like these combos do a HUGE chunk of damage considering the number of hits in them. Third, there is an awesome compilation video that shows regular Jin still has his Omen stance. The video shows off the moves he can do including his TEKKEN 4 Laser Scraper (that ends with the hook fist instead of the straight uppercut!). I really hoped to never see that in a Tekken game ever again, but at least it doesn’t look like he can charge it up! Check them all out after the jump

12th Sep2011

A Bit More Info From The Arcadia Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Special

by Rip

Haven’t seen the entry about the new Arcadia magazine? TekkenXer posted up a video that basically panned over the section. Now, there is a new screenshot from the issue that reveals that Paul/Law’s custom team combo from Tekken Tag Tournament 1 is still in the game! It also shows regular Jin transforming into Devil Jin. Its unclear whether this is a feature like Kazuya->Devil Kazuya, but at this point the assumption is that this only happens when using the team of regular Jin / Devil Jin and you try to tag. It’ll be interesting to see how the team will do Tag Assault combos if this is the case. Check it out (more…)