25th Jul2013

Tekken Revolution – Premium Effects Trailer

by Rip

This new trailer for Tekken Revolution shows some of the new Premium Effects that have been added. These effects can be purchased once the new update hits USA (its available in Japan currently). FYI, first reports are showing that Power has been nerfed. So damage increase from Power is much less than it was previously. Also Hwoarang and Dragunov have been added as well as Warm Up modes, additional costumes to purchase and much more. Premium effects look pretty awesome.

31st Aug2012

World Tekken Federation Will Be Free!

by Rip

It was announced today that the PREMIUM online service for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – the World Tekken Federation, will be completely free. The service keeps track of all of your battle history, hits per character, number of wall uses, number of tags, number of dodges, throw rate, throw break rate, number of counterhits, number of chickens etc. It will also allow you to create teams with your friends and work together to earn ingame currency and get the team ranked worldwide. Overall, should be a great way to measure your progress and help you improve.