14th May2012

Asuka and Jun Kazama Customizations Coming For Soul Calibur V DLC?

by Rip

Looks like people have taken a look into the DLC compatibility pack for Soul Calibur V and found customizations for Asuka & Jun Kazama! The previous DLC patch added customizations for King and Ling. I wish they’d put more of the movesets in (like they did for Devil Jin) so we could see these characters doing Critical Edges etc. If they release some Law customizations I might have to consider picking up Maxi. Thanks to Baraka from TZ for the headsup. Take a look at the rest of the customizations after the jump (more…)

28th Oct2011

Soul Calibur 5 Preview With Daishi Odashima – Live Stream Archive

by Rip

Today Daishi Odashima, director of Soul Calibur 5 was on a live stream showing off the game and going over some of its features. Its a good look at the gameplay, game systems, character selection/stage selection process etc. MOST of it is in Japanese, so good luck understanding it! They do mention that they wanted to do it in English though and may try to do it next time if possible. Still cool to check out though. If you’re interested in some other Soul Calibur 5 info, Kayane put up some videos of her playing the game with Leixia which you can see here.