26th Apr2012

MYK Needs Your Help – Donation Drive

by Rip

Every now and then there are members in the Fighting Game Community that go through tough times. Either it be from a disaster, or someone just in some dire need of help/support. Today we have one of Level Up Your Game’s very own, Michael “MYK” Kwon, calling out for the support of the community. MYK has been diagnosed with a dangerous skin disease that required him to be transported to the ER. With himself and his family going through many financial difficulties in the past few years they are stuck with an enourmous medical bill that he will not be able to pay off alone.

With the many years of hard work and dedication he has shown to the community we are starting this donation drive to help him in this difficult time with the goal of raising $3100.

MYK has also offered up his Hori Soul Calibur V stick, still new in the box, to be raffled off in this donation drive. The more you donate, the more chances you will get to win. Every $5 will get you 1 entry, with every $20 getting you a bonus entry. Every donation of $100 or more will also receive a free Level Up Your Game t-shirt.

UPDATE: The one and only MarkMan of MadCatzInc has just added 4 sticks with worldwide shipping to the raffle!
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If you don’t know who MYK is, maybe you’ll remember him from our Street Fighter x Tekken episodes of Level Up Your Game

28th Oct2011

Soul Calibur 5 Preview With Daishi Odashima – Live Stream Archive

by Rip

Today Daishi Odashima, director of Soul Calibur 5 was on a live stream showing off the game and going over some of its features. Its a good look at the gameplay, game systems, character selection/stage selection process etc. MOST of it is in Japanese, so good luck understanding it! They do mention that they wanted to do it in English though and may try to do it next time if possible. Still cool to check out though. If you’re interested in some other Soul Calibur 5 info, Kayane put up some videos of her playing the game with Leixia which you can see here.