26th Oct2011

Yoshimitsu Kotobukiya Statue – Releases May 2012 For ~$600

by Rip

While there hasn’t been an official USA announcement yet, Kotobukiya just announced the cost for the Japanese release of the Yoshimitsu statue (check out our gallery of it here). The cost is a whopping 47250 yen, which by today’s exchange rate is equivalent to $622. There is a pre-order sale for it from Project Core for 34970 yen ($460) so hopefully when it hits the Kotobukiya USA store the price will be lower.

14th Oct2011

Kotobukiya Unveils Asuka Kazama Tekken Concept and Final Yoshimitsu Statue Pictures

by Rip

Update 2011/10/16: Added Harada’s twitpic for size comparison. Also shows Alisa concept art.
Earlier this year Namco showed off the Yoshimitsu statue based off the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 model. Yesterday Kotobukiya revealed the final statue with a base that is ridiculously awesome. Some are claiming it will sell for $300-$500… Right now, the Christie model is up for pre-order at $60. Hopefully the Yoshimitsu ends up being around the same price, however with the amount of detail in it, I think the estimates may be right. Separately, yesterday at New York Comic-Con they also showed off the concept for their Asuka Kazama statue. Maybe one day they’ll make Law.. Check out the rest of the images after the jump.