05th Oct2014

Tekken 7 – Montage / Highlights of Day 3 Location Test!

by Rip

Bandai Namco’s first location test for Tekken 7 has wrapped up. We got to see a ton of the game, but for those of you who may have missed it, here’s a vid with a bunch of the highlights from yesterday’s five and a half hour long stream. Got the Rage Arts for Bryan Fury and Marshall Law in here as well! bOom! Enjoy

15th Apr2013

Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Steve Fox

by Rip

We’re back with another Morning Bread & Butter tutorial for TTT2. This time we cover one of MYK’s all time favorite characters, Steve Fox. This episode goes a bit long – just about an hour and a half – as MYK has a lot to talk about, so grab some food and snuggle into your work chair / bed / wherever it is you’re watching this from. As always, be sure to follow the youtube and twitch channels.

30th Sep2012

Awesome Tekken Tag 2 Practice Mode Glitches

by Rip

This guy has found some practice mode glitches in Tekken Tag 2 that seem to occur only during Tag Assaults at the wall. Very situational stuff and I assume they are practice mode only or he would have showed it in VS mode as well. Also VERY cool stuff though. His new one with regular Jin is below – be sure to watch the ending. If you haven’t seen it yet, also check out his Yoshimitsu practice mode glitches after the jump and subscribe to his youtube channel for more.


30th Mar2012

Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited – Steve Fox – Thats a lot of dmg..

by Rip

Lately theres been a lot of debate about Solo mode being overpowered in Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited. We haven’t really seen a lot of examples of crazy damage in Tag mode though. Both of these examples show Steve wall combos with rage mode activated. The first example is Tag mode, second is Solo mode, so its no wonder that its a death combo in 1v2 mode. Yay for looking forward to patches? Thanks to fuuchikurin for the uploads

03rd Nov2011

Level Up Your Game – Tekken 6 – Steve Fox

by Rip

We’re back with our first episode on Machinima! MYK covers Steve Fox in depth! We need your help on this one guys. Machinima is not a fan of the length of our shows so they’d like to break it up into parts. Depending on how this episode does view wise, we may have to reformat the show. So if you’re a fan of the length, then please support by watching. If not, please post up some suggestions for how to break up the show in the comments. Thanks.


14th Jul2011

Steve Fox Revealed in Street Fighter x Tekken

by Rip

Well, we all saw this coming from the E3 trailer before, but now Capcom has released the official ‘Character teaser’ for Steve Fox. If you haven’t seen that trailer, click that link to see Steve Fox’s face in the game. Obviously work-in-progress but it looks a little weird to me. Check it out: