18th Nov2014

TTT2 – KYSG Combo Video and Ogre Glitch

by Rip

oldKYSG is back with another awesome combo video for TTT2. This time around theres a lot of cool Kunimitsu stuff as well some Baek stuff. Even if you’re not a fan of these characters theres plenty to see here:

Then over at theater10 there is this Ogre glitch which is extremely weird. Basically you set a position by hitting standing 2, then jump cancel the input for u+3+4 and if the opponent is between those two points, they will be hit by the move. Based on his comments on the Youtube clip, he thinks it only works with Ogre. Who knows what other stuff may exist in this game!

30th Aug2013

Theater10 – TTT2 TZ Community Project #3 Teaser – Yoshi Infinite + MORE Crazy stuff

by Rip

This has to be one of the sickest TTT2 combo video previews ever. The past TZ Community Project vids have always been filled with awesome combos, but its going to be hard to top these! The WAY BEYOND Death combosBe sure to follow Theater10‘s youtube channel!

28th Oct2012

Hilarious TTT2 Glitches from Theater10

by Rip

Theater10 has revealed some awesome TTT2 glitches. Not sure if these are practice mode only or if they are possible in real versus/online play as well. The Marduk one though is too good. Looks like it somehow glitches into making him do all of his knockdown/launch/float/win/etc animations back to back to back. Pretty awesome stuff. Wall bypassing stuff after the jump


21st Nov2011

DeepTheater Still Breaking Tekken Tag Tournament 2

by Rip

Theater10 is back with more awesome Tekken Tag Tournament 2 combo crazyness. I feel like the last combo in this may be a death combo if he had done it with netsu activated. He also shows some interesting new ways to get some sandwich combos in. BTW, the sandwich combos aren’t necessarily ‘better’ combos, but aside from being very fun to do, I think they will allow for getting extra damage situationally. Videos after the jump: (more…)