06th Sep2012

Level Up Your Game – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Angel – Walk Thru

by Rip

Continuing on in our series partnered with Namco Bandai, the Level Up Your Game guys give an overview of Angel in Tekken Tag Tournament 2! We’ll be covering all of the Gamestop DLC characters leading up to release so be sure to get your pre-orders in or be left behind! If you’re not in the USA, be sure to check out tekken.com/preorder to see which retailers offer what incentives in your area of the world. If you missed the Ancient Ogre walk thru click here!

15th Aug2012

Tekken Tunes – How To Set Your Own Music To Any Stage

by Rip

Harada just tweeted an image that shows the flowchart for how to use Tekken Tunes to load up any of your music into Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Basically, you load the music into your XMB/Dashboard, then in the game go to Tekken Tunes, select the stage which background music you want to change, then select the song from your XMB. Easy so easy. Check out the full image after the jump

13th Aug2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Tutorial Video #3 – Intermediate 2 of 2

by Rip

Part 2 of our Intermediate tutorial for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. This time around we cover how to get up off the ground, running attacks, the reversal system and tag crash! If you missed the first part, you can find it here.

10th Aug2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Tutorial Video #2 – Intermediate 1 of 2

by Rip

Continuing on with our tutorial series for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, this time we go into some intermediate topics with zoning in 3D, the throw system, and advanced movement with topics such as backdash cancelling, wavedashing, snake dashing, and more. We bit of more than we could chew with this episode, so we had to cut it up into two pieces. Second half should be up early next week with combos from some of the new characters.

02nd Aug2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Tutorial Video #1 – The Basics

by Rip

Namco Bandai Games of America has partnered up with Level Up Your Game to produce a brand new introductory series for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 aimed at teaching new and returning players everything they need to know to hit the ground running when the game hits store shelves the week of September 10th worldwide. This four part series will be released weekly and cover all of the basics of the game. Leave any feedback below in the comments and thanks for watching!

23rd Nov2011

Level Up Your Game – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue

by Rip

Did you get Tekken Hybrid? Trying to learn out a little more about the new system mechanics of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue? Well, thanks to Namco Bandai Games of America and @FilthieRich we were able to get this episode ready asap! Most if not all of this information applies to the full version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as well. Check it out, leave some feedback, and like/subscribe etc. Enjoy, and if you haven’t gotten your copy of Tekken Hybrid yet, what are you waiting for?! Go get it now!

In this video we cover notation, rules of the game, tag throws, combos, tag buffered launchers, red life, tag assault and its pros/cons, universal tag assault, balcony break combos, safe ways to tag in and out, wall combos and more

17th Nov2011

Soul Calibur 5 – Quick Step Tutorial

by Rip

Check out this awesome tutorial showing you how to Quick Step in Soul Calibur 5. Impressive stuff from Namco. Looks like they’re on top of things. Hope to see more of these in the future: