10th Aug2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Tutorial Video #2 – Intermediate 1 of 2

by Rip

Continuing on with our tutorial series for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, this time we go into some intermediate topics with zoning in 3D, the throw system, and advanced movement with topics such as backdash cancelling, wavedashing, snake dashing, and more. We bit of more than we could chew with this episode, so we had to cut it up into two pieces. Second half should be up early next week with combos from some of the new characters.

28th Sep2011

Street Fighter x Tekken – Kazuya Wavedashing

by Rip

News has been pretty slow lately and this has been floating around for a bit, but I finally sat down and took a look at it. Its pretty freaking crazy! Supposedly Kazuya can be hit by lows, but the wavedash goes through uppercuts/regular grabs/command grabs/tiger knees/etc. At times it looks like it goes through regular lows as well. Its really cool to see that Capcom is implementing something like this, but it looks like it could use some tweaking. Should be interesting to see how this progresses: