10th Aug2011

siliconera’s Interviews with Harada – Tekken x SF, TTT2 Prologue, and Much More!

by Rip

siliconera has put up two awesome interview’s with Tekken Producer Katsuhiro Harada. The first interview gives some insight into the Devil character in TTT2 prologue, how they develop ideas for the minigames attached to console releases, and a bit about his current ideas for Tekken x Street Fighter. The second interview talks about how they decide on new characters / fight styles as well as leave us with some speculation on when the full Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will hit consoles. Quick summary: (more…)

31st Jul2011

Street Fighter X Tekken: 8th Character Teaser!

by Omar Diones

Two days later after Street Fighter x Tekken revealed their last character, here we are with another character!  This teaser seems a tad vague to me but I do believe it is Ibuki.  Anyone else hoping for a team ninja with Ibuki and Raven?

30th Jul2011

Street Fighter X Tekken: 7th Character Teaser!

by Omar Diones

Capcom just revealed their 7th character to their roster, who most likely appears to be Kuma.  To be honest, I am a bit surprised Kuma made it to the roster since most of the roster seems to be more focused on the main streamed characters.  Can anyone think of any Street Fighter characters that can relate to Kuma?


23rd Jul2011

The Entire Street Figher X Tekken SDCC Panel

by Omar Diones

As Comic Con continues on, Gamespot records a good 45 minutes of Yoshinori Ono in his Street Fighter x Tekken Panel.  He tells us quite a bit on whats in store for Street Figher x Tekken and a few more news in mind.

22nd Jul2011

More details on Street Fighter x Tekken

by Omar Diones

During Capcom’s Unity Live Stream, Seth Killian covered a lot of interesting facts on Street Fighter x Tekken.  Seth talks a lot about the new Cross-Assault feature that will feature in Street Fighter x Tekken. 

Summary of his coverage: (more…)

22nd Jul2011

Comic-Con – Harada vs Ono

by Omar Diones

As the battle rages on for superiority between Street Fighter and Tekken… It looks like the rivalry between Harada and Ono elevates to new levels in this clip.

Special thanks to Rip for filming this live.

21st Jul2011

Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay: 4 Fighter Gameplay

by Omar Diones

New Gameplay footage from Comic-Con revealed that you can have both of your fighters come out and fight at the same time.  Sort of like the Tag Team move from Marvel vs Capcom 1 and you can have up to 4 fighters come out at the same time.

Notable Areas:
- When you call out your partner to fight along side, both life bars merge.
- Looks like you can select which fighter you want to use while your partner becomes CPU controlled.