31st Jan2011

AOU Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Screenshot Breakdown

by Rip

In what looks to be an image from the AOU 2011 booklet there is more new info released regarding Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

  • Lars CGI / in-game model is revealed and it appears he has put on a few pounds!
  • Devil Jin CGI / in-game model is revealed.
  • New Law/Paul throw (DSS f+1 and Phoenix Smasher together!? looks awesome!)
  • New Lili/Asuka tag throw
  • and more!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 AOU

17th Jan2011

Famitsu’s New Tekken Tag 2 Screens

by Rip

New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Screenshots from Famitsu
Famitsu has released a bunch of new screenshots. Not a whole lot more to analyze than previously discussed, however with direct screengrabs instead of scans the quality is much better. So we see that Yoshimitsu looks amazing plus we get a few images of what looks to be Jaycee’s Tag Throw and a few new ones of Jinpachi!

All images can be found in our new Media section

12th Jan2011

Tons of new Tekken Tag 2 info in latest Famitsu

by Rip

Thanks to SDTekken for pointing us to the scanned images from the latest issue of Famitsu! Some verrry interesting stuff here.  I can’t read Japanese, but apparently the masked female wrestler from the trailer is named “Jaycee” (aka J.C. aka Julia Chang (good call MarkMan)). Also included:

1) Jinpachi is back!?
2) Additional insight on Tag Throws
3) Yoshimitsu character design

I’ve cleaned the images up a bit for your viewing pleasure. Click the images to view them in full screen. Image breakdown after the jump (more…)