04th Oct2011

ATP Podcast – Arcades Are Not Dead

by Rip

Aris and MYK had me as a guest on their latest podcast. In it we discuss some Tekken Tag Tournament 2, arcade vs offline, and the current state of the arcade scene. I haven’t heard Aris this pissed off in awhile… its refreshing haha, check it out.

16th Sep2011

ATP Stream Archive – Electric Wind God Fridays – 2011/9/16

by Rip

If you missed the stream live last night, catch the action from the archives and follow AvoidingThePuddle on twitchTV:


03rd Sep2011

Electric Wind God Fridays – ATP Stream 9/2/2011

by Rip

Miss the stream last night? Catch the archive!

Click through for the rest of the videos (more…)

20th Aug2011

Avoiding The Puddle – Stream 2011/08/19

by Rip

Incase you missed it live, here’s the recording of everything from last night’s Avoiding The Puddle stream. The first couple are just setup, but you get to see Dan “Im all about the community” TieTYT. Here are the archives in order. Hit the jump for all the videos.