21st Jun2012

VF5 Final Showdown – sithlord’s Goh Combo Video

by Rip

Another Virtua Fighter 5 combo video from sithlord, this time covering Goh. Notes from sithlord after the jump. If you Tekken guys haven’t picked it up you should really consider it. Only $15 and its pretty fun since a lot of Tekken fundamentals carry over.


20th Jun2012

S.T.L Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited Combo Video #2

by Rip

Wow, there haven’t been many Tekken Tag 2 combo videos that have gotten me MORE interested in trying stuff out but this one by S.T.L is certainly one of them. Make sure to follow him on Youtube for his latest. I’ve linked some of his older combo videos below as well:


30th Mar2012

Awesome Tekken 6 Mishima Combo Video by DietyDevil

by Rip

The title of the video is Tekken 6 Mishima Extreme Hardcore Combos, and it pretty much delivers exactly that. I love me some OTGF combos so that Heihachi combo at 2:34 is SICK. Be sure to check out DietyDevil‘s youtube account to see his other vids.

21st Mar2012

[KYSG] GuC11′s Last Combo Video for Tekken 6 BR

by Rip

[KYSG] GuC11′s last combo video for Tekken 6 BR. I’m not usually a fan of tool assisted combo videos because they usually end up having more repetition of difficult to perform inputs and less creativity, but I’m a fan of the combos in this video. Check it out:

23rd Jan2012

TTT2 Combo Video From Kane – Filmed at Super Arcade

by Rip

The USA location test for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is now over. Kane went ahead and released some of the combos he recorded from the arcade. That Paul/Jack combo is gross. Not sure if Namco will be selling the game later, but I’m glad we got the opportunity to have it and play it for awhile. Otherwise we’ll be waiting on its console release like everyone else.

21st Nov2011

DeepTheater Still Breaking Tekken Tag Tournament 2

by Rip

Theater10 is back with more awesome Tekken Tag Tournament 2 combo crazyness. I feel like the last combo in this may be a death combo if he had done it with netsu activated. He also shows some interesting new ways to get some sandwich combos in. BTW, the sandwich combos aren’t necessarily ‘better’ combos, but aside from being very fun to do, I think they will allow for getting extra damage situationally. Videos after the jump: (more…)

15th Nov2011

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – 100% Unblockable Tech Catch Combo

by Rip

Wow, this is absolutely nuts. Granted, its a tech-roll trap and it involves an unblockable as a filler, but I’d bet that there must be other characters that can do this as well. Imagine something like this with Lei where his unblockable hits grounded! Its the last combo of the match.

If you haven’t seen Baparra’s Lee 30x b+2 combo check that out as well (more…)