31st Jul2012

JDCR Interview by Ryan Hart

by Rip

Ryan Hart is currently in Japan and had an opportunity to interview Korea’s JDCR before this upcoming SBO tournament. JDCR shares his thoughts on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as a whole and goes into a a lot of detail as well. Its a great read and an interesting look into the mind of one of Korea’s top Tekken players. Check it out here

21st May2012

Awesome Gamespot Interview with Harada About Tekken Tag 2 and More

by Rip

Looks like Gamespot has been getting a lot of information about Tekken Tag 2 lately with their leak of the new character screenshots followed by the new characters video. Now they have an exclusive interview with Harada-san in which he talks about bringing in some features from Tekken-Net, gives his thoughts on how DLC should be implemented, as well as on the tournament scene and its shows like Tekken Busters. Great read, check it out here, and here’s a couple of my favorite excerpts:

Another big change is that we are incorporating elements of Tekken-Net, our popular arcade network service that has been implemented since Tekken 5. There are many elements to be implemented, but I think the teams feature will change things the most. (more…)

12th Mar2012

Tekken Force Interviews Harada & Ono

by Rip

Recently at the UK Fight Club for Street Fighter x Tekken, Tekken Force got the opportunity to interview Harada and Ono. This is not your typical interview and I really wish that Harada had answered the last question legit! Also, for those of you wondering, our first SFxT FightStick PRO stick giveaway winner will be announced later today so stay tuned to the site to see if you won

08th Dec2011

Gamasutra Interview with Harada about Tekken’s Future

by Rip

Nice short interview with Harada where he shares his thoughts on the future of the Tekken series. With so many games coming out on so many platforms in the next year its a pretty interesting read. Of particular instance is a reference he makes to Tekken x Street Fighter being open to next-generation consoles if the opportunity arises. Obviously the game is still early in development, but if the situation presents itself then it seems they are still open to the idea. Check out the full article here and the blurb about TxSF here:

For example, [Capcom producer Yoshinori] Ono-san’s team is working on Street Fighter X Tekken. We have our Tekken X Street Fighter that we will be doing here. Currently I’m thinking of that for PlayStation 3 hardware, and this is just a “for instance” — I mean, it’s not like we have any kind of info that you don’t — but if Sony were to say, “Okay, we have the next PlayStation hardware available,” then obviously we would put that into consideration.

13th Jun2011

LevelUpYourGame E3 Interview with Harada and Michael Murray

by Rip

Update: Read on for full transcript
At E3 last week I had the opportunity to interview Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray about all things Tekken! Steven from TekkenLive.com sat in and got some awesome questions in as well. Tekken for Wii U, Tekken for 3DS, Tekken Tag 1 HD, Tekken:Blood Vengeance, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 USA arcade release and more are all covered. A HUGE thanks to Harada/Michael Murray for the interview and to FilthieRich for getting the community involved with E3 for once. Sorry for the audio quality, the room had big fan noise and a bunch of general E3 noise. I filtered out as much of the noise as possible.

Read on for the full transcript (more…)

31st Jan2011

SDTekken.com interviews Rip

by Rip

Hey everyone, just wanted to point you to the interview I did for SDTekken.com – Definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in the future of Level Up Your Game, the app, getting into Tekken etc.