05th Oct2014

Hands on Impressions of Tekken 7 Location Test – JTchinoy

by JTchinoy

After 3 long days of waking up early to try to get the special Tekken 7 Banapassports, which I’ve successfully claimed 2 of, I can finally write a complete GENERAL review of the game in its current form.  Please note that I haven’t watched anyone else’s initial impression videos or read any posts, nor did I listen to Harada explain Tekken 7.  I was sitting 7 feet from the man and I couldn’t hear him, so this is all from the observations of myself and my friends.
After 2 glorious years of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the general Tekken population worldwide is just finally understanding the more in depth mechanics and interactions of the game.  Even if we’re just breaking the surface of Tag 2, it’s time Namco put out the next iteration in the Tekken franchise, based on the roughly 2 year pattern.  I’ll start by clearly stating that my personal experience with the game is that there is no relation between Tekken Revolution and Tekken 7.  Excluding of the vague similarity between the new Power Crush moves in 7 and the Invincible moves in Revolution, the games did not play the same, move the same, nor share similar combo mechanics.

03rd Oct2014

Tekken 7 – Location Test Video Roundup – Day 1

by Rip

Yesterday we got a bunch of videos of Tekken 7 in action from the location test. We got to see some of the Rage Arts and the Power Crush attacks as well. Today streams will be up and there will be much more higher quality content coming through. Catch up on yesterday’s clips below. Much more after the jump:


02nd Oct2014

Tekken 7 – First Gameplay Screenshots – New Character Claudio!

by Rip

Just released from the location test comes a new PDF file that goes over some of the games new mechanics as well as a movelist for the 18 characters available in the build. Two new features in the game are a new Rage Arts and Power Crush attacks. Power Crush attacks are attacks that will go through other attacks, BUT you will still take damage if you were attacked during it. This means its similar to invincible moves from Tekken Revolution. One notable exception, is that it will only absorb high and mid moves, not low moves! Check out the PDF and first gameplay screenshots HERE. Also revealed was a new character, Claudio! Also, the character we thought was Catalina is actually Katarina! Surprise!


19th Sep2014

Tekken 7 – New Latin American Female Character Revealed!

by Rip

Just revealed from TGS on the MadCatz stream, a new Latin American female character has been added to the roster for Tekken 7! This character will also be available during the location test taking place in Japan from October 3rd to October 5th. Harada has said that the character will be beginner friendly. What does that means exactly? We will have to wait and see. Also, they mentioned that she will have a sassy attitude, and talk a lot while fighting! Additionally, a SECOND new character will also be available at the location test and has characteristics of a 2D fighter!

Also mentioned is that they were doing lag tests between Seoul, South Korea and Japan – possibly for arcades? Very interesting if true!


10th Aug2014

Tekken 7 – Arab Character Concept – Impressions

by Rip

Over on the TEKKEN Facebook page, Harada posted up some concept art of a proposed Arab character for Tekken 7. In the post he describes that this is NOT confirmed as a character yet and is only a design at this point. He is looking for feedback on the design so that they can decide how to move forward with the concept. While he is interested in everyone’s feedback, he is particularly interested in feedback from the Middle East TEKKEN communities. So if you guys know anyone in that scene, be sure to forward them along to this post for more information. Check out my imrpressions of the Arab character concept art below:

03rd Aug2014

Tekken 7 – Comic Con 2014 – Recap

by Rip

Hey guys, last weekend was San Diego Comic Con. Bandai Namco had a fighting game panel in which they talked about a bunch of stuff for an hour including Rise of Incarnates, the CGI opening movie for Tekken 7, and finally more details about Tekken 7 itself. You can catch the full panel on the Youtube Channel, or if you’re just interested in a quick recap of the Tekken 7 information, check it out below. BTW, shoutout to all of our subscribers as we recently crossed the 20k barrier. Thanks everyone and if you haven’t already done so, please subscribe!

24th Jul2014

Tekken 7 – Trailer and Unreal Engine 4 Thoughts

by Rip

With Tekken 7′s reveal trailer at Evolution 2014 there was a lot to take in. There’s the whole storyline with this introduction of Kazumi plus the news of the engine switch to Unreal Engine 4, so I thought I’d put together my thoughts in a couple of videos. Lets not forget that July 25th at Comic-Con we will be receiving more information about Tekken 7 as well! The Comic-Con page mentions that Harada will be joined by a special guest – could it be Ono!? Will they reveal Tekken x Street Fighter at Comic-con? After all, it was Comic-Con where they first unveiled Street Fighter x Tekken, so anythings possible!