22nd Feb2013

Nilopilo – TTT2 – Stylish Double Law Combo Video

by Rip

When it comes to combo videos I’ve always enjoyed the ones that have seen more time in the editing room. They may not have the best combos and you may not learn the most from them, but they’re fun to watch regardless. This vid comes from Nilopilo (who I’m pretty sure has made some combo videos in previous Tekken games as well) so if you like it be sure to search out his older stuff:

12th Sep2012

Prima Games Interview Series with Tekken Tag 2 Authors – Rip

by Rip

Prima Games, publishers of the official Tekken Tag Tournament 2 guide have a series of interviews with the authors. I, myself was one of the authors and am featured in the first interview. They will also have interviews with Aris, Kor, Anakin, Bloodhawk, and Tyler2k. Check it out here and visit their site for more info. Also, buy the guide if you haven’t!

11th Sep2012

World Tekken Federation Site Revealed

by Rip

Looks like the World Tekken Federation website will be available from… you guessed it! worldtekkenfederation.com – Pretty interesting in that it uses your banapass account if you have one. So I already had an account! So crazy. I wonder how integrated it actually is for arcade players. I wonder if it will work cross console.. That would be awesome!

14th Mar2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited – Hands On Preview

by Rip

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited is playable at the Las Vegas Amusement Expo. I got some hands on time with the game and got some of my questions answered by the Namco staff there. Unfortunately as this is more of a trade show than a public event I didn’t get a lot of really competitive play but came away with a good understanding of what separates this game from the original version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

28th Dec2011

Algol and Edge Master Confirmed For Soul Calibur 5 – Tekken Customizations Included As Well

by Rip

Famitsu has confirmed that Algol and Edge Master will return in Soul Calibur 5. I like how the oldest dude in Soul Calibur makes his return in Soul Calibur 5 where there is a big jump in time. Always cool to see characters return though. I expect there will be a lot of character reveals incoming as we lead up to the release of the game at the end of January.

Separately, they also have shown customizations that allow your character to look like Harada/Heihachi, but also to have DevilJin/Devil Kazuya moves (ewgf, tgf throw, laser throw?). Pretty neat, more pictures after the jump

12th Oct2011

Tekken Throw Break Trainer Moved To LevelUpYourGame.com

by Rip

Hey everyone. Unbelievably, its been almost 4.5 years since I first created the Tekken Throw Break Trainer.  The reason was simple: I didn’t want to boot up a console and setup practice mode to practice throw breaking every time. So I made a flash program accessible from any computer at any time. Over the years there were minor revisions so people on laptops could set keys (since they may not have a numpad) and I added more characters to it so that you can practice against small arms/medium arms/large arms (check the original TZ thread for more info). The timing is slightly stricter than the game so if you can do it here, you can do it in the game. Since its release, the Throw Break Trainer has been played nearly half a million times by Tekken fans around the world.

Now that all of my time is dedicated here to Level Up Your Game, it only makes sense to bring the original Throw Break Trainer to the site. For those of you wondering, I do plan on updating it once Tekken Hybrid hits. You can find it in the menu bar above. Check it out and tell your friends.