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TTT2 AOU Customizations Preview

Grabbed this image of some of the new customizations from the AOU show. Lili as a purple butterfly and Wang without a beard say whaaat:






5 responses to “TTT2 AOU Customizations Preview”


    lol. Anyone can wear anyone else’s costume.

    1. Rip

      Hmm, interesting. I noticed Lars with Bob’s custom, but now that I look at it again, that looks like Jin in Feng’s custom, Hei in Kaz’ custom, Asuka in Leo custom?, Wang in Law’s Jacket?, Lili in Alisa customs? HmMmmm indeeed

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  3. DrBhup

    Who cares about costumization, it doesn’t do anything to the gameplay. Just takes time and money and makes developers work harder on things that don’t matter or else reviewers give it bad score! Bah!!

    I’m more glad Jun and True Ogre are in the game!!

    1. BlackRose

      “Who cares about customization”? Defenately not You ’cause you can’t costumize anyone because of your bad taste…Just like the team that makes Tekken’s clothes in customization mode…If you want to play a game without customization go play Tetris, I believe it suits you more.