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About Us

Level Up Your Game has been providing original content for competitive gamers since October 2009. With the release of our Level Up Your Game app for iOS we have also launched this website (Android version now available). This site will begin as the source for the latest news regarding future app developments and the Level Up Your Game video series and grow from there.  Stay tuned as we have a lot more coming down the pipeline! Follow us on twitter and like us on facebook!

Reepal “Rip” Parbhoo
Chief Editor / Host of Level Up Your Game / App programmer
Twitter: @reepal

Michael “MYK” Kwon
Co-host of Level Up Your Game / my favorite database of fighting game knowledge / Provided all data for the app
Twitter: @TheNameisMYK

Aldrin “TRUE!” Espinosa
Co-host of Level Up Your Game / Knowledgable, competitive gamer of multiple genres

Bob “BobiNo” Nosrati
Co-host of Level Up Your Game / General master of fighting games, even ones he hasn’t played yet.

Omar “MagusFyre” Diones
Website news editor plus camera man for Level Up Your Game! So versatile! This guy plays pretty much every single gaming genre and the only game he truly sucks at is Counterstrike

Derek “Kane” Lee
Website news editor who mistakenly always thinks that Lili sucks in every Tekken. One of the best Tekken players in Southern California players, moderator on Tekken Zaibatsu, and huge Tekken fan.
Twitter: @hellomrbrahms

Ricky “Rickstah” Uehara
Website news editor plus fighting game expert of multiple disciplines. He may not beat you at any of the games, but he knows how to play all of them really well!
Twitter: @ricksteeezy

Jonathan “TalonFyre” Wu
Gaming hardware review editor. Huge gaming fan of pretty much every genre. If you want to know about hardware for PC/console whether it be fps/racing/rts related, he’s the guy you want to talk to.