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GOSU Tekken – 2011/4/13

Its that time again. Another episode of Gosu Tekken, except this time there’s a little twist as its actually the Tekken Crash Season 7 Preliminaries. Aris and I jump on commentary for Part 1. Check out the vids

– 110413 pt.1 –
Tekken Crash S7 Seoul Prelims 110409

– 110413 pt.2 –
Tekken Crash S7 Seoul Prelims 110409






17 responses to “GOSU Tekken – 2011/4/13”

  1. AAK

    LOL @ Aris, sorry man, Rip was right on that one. You were asking him the frame data on the flip kick WITHOUT the DSS cancel.

    You can’t beat the subcontinent when it comes to English. There’s a reason why we always beat the white kids in the national spelling bee’s 😉

  2. genki

    hopkicks are good. but they’re not broken or overpowered. cus if your opponent throws a jab or a mid poke instead of a low poke, you’re gonna get hit in the air and juggled, it’s like a 50/50 guess. it’s risky! and all sidewalkable and most lack range. and if you keep throwing out hopkicks everytime you’re in rage, you’d become predictable and you’re opponent would just wait for you to throw it out and block and punish it then you’re dead.

    so players shouldn’t be complaining about them and writing ignorant articles hoping the tekken team reads them and nerf them.

  3. kuro

    Everything in tekken can be random, not just moves that low crush. I don’t know why U.S. players don’t know that.

    1. Rip

      Hey now, no need to generalize an entire country based on.. actually I’m not even sure what you personally are basing that on. Regardless though, I agree that anything can be considered ‘random’ – ie. random hopkick, random sidestep, random air grab, etc and I’m a U.S. player =p

      It also bothers me how people use the word ‘random.’ Random by definition is “lacking any definite plan or order or purpose.” So if someone is PLANNING to use a hopkick or a sidestep to evade/crush their opponent, it isnt ‘random’

  4. Quadrupledragon

    Can you write another, oh I don’t know, 15 paragraphs about the subject genki? I don’t think I quite understand what you’re trying to say.

    1. Scorpio671

      Dude, are fucking retarded? just look up his older posts. his english is understandable for a japanese. you’re probably one of Slip’s asskissers. hahaha……

      1. Quadrupledragon


      2. Magus920

        Instead of Hop kicks, Aris should start calling it Gen-Kicks

  5. Lol

    trololololol, lololol, lololol… ho ho ho ho hoooooo

  6. Mike

    Hey Rip, could you tell Aris on the next gosu tekken that dragunov’s qcb+2 is as random as hopkicks? I’ve seen a lot of dragunov players including Aris throw it out even though their opponent didn’t attack and sometimes they get hit by a mid or low attack. IT’S RANDOM AS HELL! lol

    Can’t wait for the next gosu tekken. I wanna hear what he has to say. lol

    1. Rip

      lol thats pretty funny. I’ll try and bring that up if it fits

    2. Fury2011

      I think dragunov’s qcb+2 is totally random, because it can’t even be use to whiff punish or block punish, it’s too slow. It lands by PURE LUCK!

  7. GoukiX

    After watching GOSU Tekken… Japan >>>>> Korea

    1. ExtraCheese

      You’re basing Korea’s skill off of some random arcade players that never make the spotlight? LOL
      Go look up all the international tournaments results by both Japan and Korea.
      It’s always been this way anyway. Koreans are the best at Tekken and Japan is the best at SF.

  8. Yami

    The commentary would’ve been much better if Aris wasn’t being a sarcastic prick! acting too dumb! I hate fake people!

  9. Moose

    it’s weird. Aris said that hopkicks are random and not useful. But i distinctly remember, in the dragunov episode, aris said that the only thing dragunov needed…was a hopkick. >…<

    1. Rip

      He was being sarcastic in this :p