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New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Location Test Footage!

New footage of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, this time straight from the location test going on in Taipei! Nice to see that they updated the character select screen. Definitely not final yet, but its cool to see the improvements. Are they seriously keeping Eddy/Christie Kuma/Panda separate? Is Jun on the character select screen or is she a palette swap for Asuka? If she’s a palette swap, then Eddy/Christie Kuma/Panda should be too right? I hope so!

I like how they keep updating the Tag Assault feature. Seem’s like there are bind tags (bind attack + tag button maybe?) separate from Tag Assault? I assume Tag Assault is the single attack where the blue circles come out (executed by 1+2+Tag according to the cab menu). Hopefully we get a location test sooner or later to figure some of this out or get someone who played it that can explain it to us. Also, looks like space for 18 stages and Lars still looks fat!







7 responses to “New Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Location Test Footage!”

  1. repo

    so i guess the speculation about being ~36 stages was total bullshit..

    TA still looks retarded? shiiit…

  2. DevilDS

    YAY Lars UF+4 still present

  3. chemicalRed

    Eddy & Christie were seperate on 6 so the only surprise is the fact that Panda and Kuma are.

    1. Rip

      Since this is a 2 character per team game though, this allows certain characters to be DUPLICATED on a team. Why can’t I use 2 Paul Phoenix’s or 2 Marshall Law’s on a team, but someone else can use Eddy/Christie or Kuma/Panda because of this.

      1. chemicalRed

        That’s true. I hadn’t considered that.. I guess we’ll just have to learn to deal with that sort of thing then. And I guess the Jacks would present a similar situation.. At least we can be lucky knowing this won’t be the case with characters many of us regard as top tier; Thiers no way their will be two Bryans or Steve’s. (There’d be two Laws if Namco decided to have Forest in the game and as seperate character).. I do see a potential good in having those duplicate characters seperate; Maybe they’ll be slightly more individual now; Have their own unique moves. I doubt that’ll happen but it would be nice.

  4. KenmasterX

    Why not ask Harada why Kuma and Panda are getting seperate slots.

  5. DubdubxX

    Well I for one like the idea. I main Panda/Kuma but I love Panda’s model and customizations way more what they need to do is give them new seperate moves from each other.