17th May2011

Direct Feed Footage of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in Korea! 1 hour+!

by Rip

Over an hour of DIRECT FEED footage of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 from Korea! Click through for WAY more vids!

More vids here!

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Slowdown from Tag Assaults are almost non existant now... hopefully by release it'll be smooth running with no frame drops. :) I love it when Namco go crazy with a character's moveset! It's settled, I'm maining Julia ;) And man, that New York stage on that balcony is hilarious. Once you break the wall into the party, it's hilarious how all those people start running into the other room for safety and leave the waiter hanging! Music is boss as well. You cali guys are so lucky you'll have access to this in the coming months... I'm gonna have to wait till late 2012