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More details on Street Fighter x Tekken

During Capcom’s Unity Live Stream, Seth Killian covered a lot of interesting facts on Street Fighter x Tekken.  Seth talks a lot about the new Cross-Assault feature that will feature in Street Fighter x Tekken. 

Summary of his coverage:

• Important Note: This system is still being tweaked, and may change. This is the 3/4 player attack option in Street Fighter X Tekken you’ve seen in a few videos. It’s activated by doing a quarter-circle away and pressing both Medium Attack buttons. Once activated, your Super bar turns into a timer and your teammate runs out on screen to help you attack.

• While the timer is going, both of your teammates are now controlled by you, they’re not computer controlled as some people have speculated.

• You have control over one character until you return the joystick to a neutral state, and then control will automatically return to your other player.

• You can do attacks that last a long time with one fighter, return the joystick to a neutral state while the initial character’s attacks are still going, get control of your second fighter and setup some wicked damage and reset situations.

• Just like in the Vs. series, both characters can be hit when doing a Cross Assault.

• SFxT is faster than a SF game, Seth feels like Dhalsim is faster too, but he’s not sure if this is a side-effect of how the game plays or if Dhalsim is actually faster.

• Meter is required to do some of the “really interesting stuff” in SFxT, from how to tag your character out, creating setups to do the most damage, etc.

• No tag team super combos in SFxT currently. They were in an early version of the game, but they’re no longer in there, they could be coming back, though.

• Seth said it’s a good idea to have some boundaries for crossover games. There’s plenty of crossover games that are sitting in the graveyard that went too far, and some of the draw of these games is having some limits on the franchises involved.

• Poison’s move set is based on her attacks from Final Fight, although there’s new stuff because the enemies in that game didn’t have a lot of attacks.

• Rolento doesn’t fit UMvC3, but maybe SFxT. There’s definitely some Rolento love, but maybe not Rolento character love, though.






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  1. AAK

    It’s showcased pretty heavily in this video:


    One thing you could add is that it’s only possible once all 3 super bars are fill. THANKFULLY it’s not a comeback mechanic 🙂

    1. Rip

      Thanks for the reply, I’ve updated the post with it.

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