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More Details on Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

This actually happened the same time Seth Killian was being interviewed on Capcom’s Unity Live Stream.  So here are the main points Seth covered during his interview.

• Seth said he has a big change list for UMvC3, but he’s going to let people discover a lot of things for themselves.

• X-Factor damage may change even more. X-Factor out of block stun is still there and there are no plans for it to be removed at the moment.

• The new HUD as a concept sounded really good at first, but some of the details in action weren’t as good as anticipated. The lifebars being hard to read is something they noticed right away, but they didn’t have the chance to go back and re-do them.

• Everybody in UMvC3 has been changed in some way, shape or form. Running from new moves to frame data alterations, or both.

• The new Team Aerial Combo system works like this: Use Up for additional damage, Down to gain meter for your team and Left or Right will make the opponent’s team lose meter.

• Seth didn’t want to get too ‘nerdy’ (see detailed) with the changes in UMvC3, although he said he enjoys reading the change list the community comes up with, seeing which things they discover first and some of the things we’ve gotten wrong.

• He didn’t know if the returning characters will have new endings, or changes in UMvC3.

• Strider’s Ouruboros is very strong, and because it is, it’s a Level 3 hyper. Opinion on the development team is that Strider is really strong.

• Firebrand’s power up hyper gives him some variations on his moves.

• He reiterated that they were turned down for MvC3 to add a Hunter character from Monster Hunter.