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Theater10 Shows New Broken TTT2 Combos

Yet another awesome vid from Deep Theater. He exploits a reverse B! in a TA! to use the original character as a wall for his combo. You really have to see it to fully appreciate it. Check it out:






5 responses to “Theater10 Shows New Broken TTT2 Combos”

  1. abner

    is this just for lee or can other characters to that infinite jab floater?

    1. Rip

      Not sure which other characters can do something similar. Maybe Marduk, Steve and possibly others. The only way to get your Tag Assault filler character to stay in is by going into stance and doing a move into stance again. So for Lee, he’s doing b+2 mist step b+2 repeat etc

      Going into stance extends the filler and since he can do b+2 into mist step again it goes on and on

  2. Jj

    I think they will patch that when it comes to console

    1. DJD2010

      I hope, i dont want people to spam me with this over and over and call me a noob -_-

    2. Islaw

      I think new arcades can have patches too