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Yoshimitsu Kotobukiya Statue – Releases May 2012 For ~$600

While there hasn’t been an official USA announcement yet, Kotobukiya just announced the cost for the Japanese release of the Yoshimitsu statue (check out our gallery of it here). The cost is a whopping 47250 yen, which by today’s exchange rate is equivalent to $622. There is a pre-order sale for it from Project Core for 34970 yen ($460) so hopefully when it hits the Kotobukiya USA store the price will be lower.





7 responses to “Yoshimitsu Kotobukiya Statue – Releases May 2012 For ~$600”

  1. Oh my… it’s a small fortune 🙁

    I don’t know if I’ll be able to buy it 🙁

    1. Rip

      I know the feeling! We have half a year until its released though. Maybe they’ll change their mind.. although, at 51cm.. they probably won’t. They should release a smaller version though. Like 10cm!

  2. I’d buy it at $600 anyway…just gotta wait until it hits the States. []

    1. The Christie model is listed for pre-order on the US site at $59.99, if that’s any indication, though…[]

      1. Rip

        I would say its not an indication because of the size / detail. Plus, the Japanese price of the Christie model 6,200 yen which is roughly $80. So there may be a 25% reduction in price when it hits USA? Even if that were the case, that would still put it at around $400.

  3. ahmm…? excuse me sir. Rip, is there a video for hidden/secret moves?