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Cross Assault – $25k Street Fighter x Tekken LiveStream Reality Show Announced

On the latest episode of X The Line, Capcom has announced that IPWxTS will be live streaming a reality show for Street Fighter x Tekken! Two teams of 5 players each (Team Tekken / Team Street Fighter) will be selected from Youtube entries and will compete on the show for $25,000! Lets go TEAM TEKKEN! Full info after the jump

“We’re proud to announce that IPLAYWINNER and TEAM SPOOKY are working on a very exciting project withCapcom—a live reality show for Street Fighter x Tekken titled “Cross Assault” — that is going to take everything you know and love about streams and the fighting game scene to a completely new level.

“Cross Assault” is live and uncut, spanning the course of 7 days, with two teams — Team Street Fighter and Team Tekken — facing off against each other under the coaching of two legendary players from the fighting game community, all with a grand prize of $25,000.

Five players will be chosen for each team, all competing in a series of skill-based challenges surrounding Street Fighter x Tekken, with the coach for each team working with the players to find the most effective strategies to lead their team to victory. Players who don’t make the cut will have to rely on their fighting game skills to avoid being eliminated from the competition. That’s right, being dope at boogie boarding or jump roping wont help you here — it’s all about your fighting game skills in “Cross Assault”!”

“IPLAYWINNER and TEAM SPOOKY are pulling the best of the best from the community to make this a production unlike anything you’ve seen before. We’ve assembled an all-star team — many of which who helped make the EVO2K11 stream one of the most watched competitive gaming events of all time — to ensure this is a production that stays true to what makes the fighting game community so amazing.

If you’re ready to see if you’ve got what it takes, create a video blog detailing why you should be on “Cross Assault”. We’re not looking for scrubs here so make sure you include footage or proof that you’re a seasoned fighting game player who’s serious about the game. That said, we’re also not just cherry picking top players. We’re looking at many other factors such as interesting personalities, comments left on the videos, likes, dislikes – everything!

Once your video is ready submit the URL here: http://www.capcom-unity.com/go/crossassault/signup

You must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the United States (including the District of Columbia) at the time of application. If you are chosen to participate in the Program, you will be required to show proof of age and residence prior to participation.

So when do we go live with “Cross Assault”? Exact dates will be revealed very soon but you can expect to tune in sometime in late February with the Grand Finals taking place live at Final Round in Atlanta, GA. In the meantime, stay tuned to IPW and Capcom-Unity for all the latest “Cross Assault” developments!”
src: ATP