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Street Fighter X Tekken Launch Party Announced!

Capcom Unity Blog just announced the Street Fighter x Tekken launch party, which is happening in Los Angeles, California.  Here are the details:

Launch day is nearly upon us, and that means a big ol’ party to celebrate the release of Street Fighter X Tekken. If you’re in the LA area and enjoy punching virtual faces, get your physical face to Majestic Hills on March 1.

If you’re planning on attending, you MUST RSVP on this landing page. Space is limited so lock in your spot ASAP, and bring your ID with you! Event is 21+ so those IDs will be required. More details below:

Additional details:

When: Thursday March 1

Where: Majestic Hills – 650 Spring St, Los Angeles CA

Time: 8pm – 12am

Events: MadCatz will be on-site selling its all-new arcade sticks, Unity will have a stream going all evening (ideally including some pro exhibition matches and prizes, more to come) and the venue wil even have a special appearance from producer Yoshinori Ono!






36 responses to “Street Fighter X Tekken Launch Party Announced!”

  1. Great way to give back to the comunnity

  2. Christian Weber

    as a street fighter and tekken fan i have to camp out there :p

  3. Dansk1

    This looks awesome! Too bad i live in norway, but it’s nice that they stream this for the people that cant make it.

  4. OH YEA AND PWESS MAKE A LEVELUPYOUR GAME FOR miguel or xiao cause i need my team for tag or even bryan i learned from the steve one you guys had

  5. All the great things happen in Cali. I won’t to move out there so bad. Well I’ll be repping SFXT HYPE with you guys in spirit. put on a great show

  6. BIGZEO154

    this game is sick

  7. Daniel

    I’m sooo looking foward to this!

  8. I want that stick in that giveaway. lemme holla at that.

  9. ChuckMasta

    Too bad im one year off of being 21 =/

  10. Ikouze

    This is on my birthday. I’ll be 21 that day so I can get in! Sweet! 😀

  11. drTechniq

    Wish I could be there!

  12. Dante_139

    Man wish there was a fightclub in newyork this game looks sick cant wait for release

  13. Sounds like a pretty cool party! I’d attend, but I live no where near CA. :/

  14. ReaperRetribution

    ARGH I’M IN CANADA but oh well