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Street Fighter x Tekken FightStick Pro Giveaway & Review

Thanks to MadCatz we’re going to be giving away one of the brand new MadCatz Street Fighter x Tekken FightStick Pro’s right here through our website. To enter all you need to do is visit the website and leave a comment on any post between 2/24/2012 and 3/9/2012. Contest ends at midnight PST 3/9/2012. USA & Canada addresses only. One comment/entry per day limit. Be sure to leave your actual email address when leaving the comment or we won’t be able to contact you! Check out our quick review of the stick here:

Also, be sure to catch MYK and myself playing Street Fighter x Tekken on Cross Assault at 1pm PST!





1,512 responses to “Street Fighter x Tekken FightStick Pro Giveaway & Review”

  1. It be nice to win one of the New Street Fighter x Tekken Fightstick Pro since I never had an arcade stick in my life. Been solely playing on a joystick ever since I played Tekken.

    1. I would love to own that stick looks soo slick. but I also like many others my funding does not allow my such a sexy stick.

      1. combatcoldcuts


      2. Esplover

        I had a WWE Brawl stick that I got for $60, and I can tell you, with 100% certainty, that the pricing on these sticks DOES matter. My Brawl stick broke on me after the very first day. It was an awful purchasing decision. I took it apart and found the stick had been poorly welded (NOT screwed) on; I guess the person who made that stick in particular got lazy at work one day.

      3. P33KAJ3W


      4. Forgot to leave my email Oops hope i win the stick Neo85wolf@gmail.com

    2. gh0sta

      Thanks guys level up has always been helpful to me. With fighting games you guys have lots of good stuff.The stick is pretty cool looking. Not sure about the button placement but winning one will really be awesome.

      1. Tee

        I wondering if someone would trade one of these sticks for a dual modded TE stick?

      2. please choose me ive never had a fightstick in my life and it could help me a lot while playing because my defense is horrible and it would help to have a fightstick

    3. Marshall S

      I would enjoy this stick, since atm my TE stick is not functioning correctly to say the least.

    4. Shaun Turner

      Same here, would be nice to finally move from pad to stick and that SFxT stick looks amazing.
      Good luck to everyone entering.

    5. Nice to see people capcom giving back to the community. And Kudos to LevelUpYourGame for sponsoring it. Keep up the good work!

    6. Daniel Butterworth

      I think this stick looks awesome – I have had roughly 10 arcade sticks in my time but, never one that expensive. I want one!!!!

    7. Michael Gottschalk

      Recently my girlfriend left me for another guy, as she has stated “that all I care about is video games” This has greatly disheveled me financially as were sharing an apartment for 2 years. I will be more then likely moving back into my moms house and all I can say is, wining this stick would easily be the greatest thing to happen to me in long time. Regardless of the outcome and winner, I will continue to support this website and cheer on all its involvement in the FGC.

      Thank you for giving us all a chance to win such a great item


      1. Shotacats

        True or not, consider me moved. Best of luck to you on your road to recovery.

      2. Bee Yee

        anything is possible! good luck!

    8. mike

      comments bro…comments

    9. looks like a great shell to work with

    10. samuel_wrx

      good review, looking forward to trying it out myself

    11. Brian

      itd be nice to win a stick. been looking for one for a while

    12. Voodoochild346

      I am a stick player who was to foolish to buy a stick when i had the money to. now I’m relegated to dropping combos and losing to bad kids online that I would otherwise beat. 🙁

    13. gh0sta

      hood stick for gangtas n g’s gimme dat :O

    14. Chris Clarke

      That stick is so sick definitely need to get me two more so i can enjoy some Tag Team action with a couple friends when the game comes out.

    15. Andrew J

      Cool, I’ve been wanting to get into fighting games, but I’ve never had fight stick and this would really help.

      1. Andrew J

        Cool, I’ve been wanting to get into fighting games, but I’ve never had fight stick and this would really help.

    16. Asher van Langeveld

      I want to win this fightstick because it looks awesome!
      And I really like the layout, don´t know abought the weight though…

      You guys thx for giving us a chance….

      Everyone goodluck!

    17. Chris D.

      I also bought a brawlstick and it broke after maybe a month. i have been planning on buying a new semitsu joystick but if i win i won’t have to buy one 🙂 i hope i win!

    18. Justin Nobles

      I have never had a fight stick either. I have played street fighter 4 on my 3ds and i am ranked B+ with Ryu and ranked B with 6 other characters. it was so much fun, so i got street fighter 4 on my xbox. i was terrible mostly, because on a 3ds u can change your moves from punch to hadoken. Thats why if i get this fightstick i can be at least average on my xbox. $160 is alot for a person who doesnt have a job. It would be like a really early christmas present for me. I would be so blessed if i won this. This is the only entry im sending. Odds are slim but it would be a dream come true!

    19. John

      It is nice a friend of mine got one

  2. Prat

    That’s pretty awesome. It would be awesome to use a high-end stick for all the new fighting games coming out this year, and some of the new IPs. XD

  3. Paolo F. (Ice_Beam)

    It is my first time enterin a contest like this 🙂

    1. Yao Zhao

      Me too, good luck!

  4. Philipp Pfrogner

    It’s nice that u r actually doing a giveaway !! I love playing on a stick ( i don’t really like controller for beat em up’s ) would be very cool to win the stick to aprove my skills .
    Right now i am playing on a very cheap stick ( arcade pro ) but he is not that good…
    I am playing Tekken for ( i believe ) 10 years now and soul calibur for about 5 years.
    I actually started playing sreet fighter only for street fighter x tekken =) this year.
    I would really appreciate a stick .
    thank you guy’s anyway because i love ur tekken tutorials ( altough i already knew all u said ) because for the first time even beginners could follow ur commentary and really learn something about tekken .
    thank you all again and c u next time =)

    1. N.N

      I too am playing with arcade pro but with sanwa parts so its not that bad 🙂 Hope I win a new “real” stick xD

  5. NightScope2142

    Love the line stick art. This is surprisingly the first stick that i have really wanted since the madcatz limited edition comicon stick design. Unfortunately i am still running a poverty edition fightstick from street fighter.(Standard edition)

  6. Luke J.

    Nice review. Fantastic stick, great design and again high quality from MadCatz. It would be great for me to start playing SFxTK with it. I wasplaying only on one stick before, and i’m very intrested in this one. BTW: Great idea for contest, good luck to everyone.

    1. chaoslimits

      Agreed. I sold my red one but this black one looks sick!

  7. Tyler Showers

    Rip is a cool guy who responds to me on Twitter. LUYG is a fantastic resource, and I’m really digging the Bogus Journeys and other video breakdowns of not only SFxT but also Tekken 6. The stick looks fantastic.

  8. Jacob L.

    The stick is slick and cool! Would love to have it! 😀

    1. Augustin Wong

      Wouldn’t everyone?

      1. Elloyd Bennett

        Iwould love a stick like this as well but I already have a marvel TE stick ( the yellow out of production one) and little money so I see no reason to run out and get one. It would be nice to have two so my friends aren’t forced to play pad when they come over.

    2. Riyipu

      Thats the plan!

  9. James Williams

    I have learned a ton of things from you guys about tekken. I’m so glad ya’ll are doing SFxT as well. Keep up all the good work guys. And Rip I got $10 on you to beat MYK today get me my money.

  10. 5DollarFootdive

    this stick is boss.

    1. greendragon

      Yea the line style stick looks pretty sick

  11. Jan

    This is waaaaaaaay better than the red (or orange) fightsticks they initially released. They ridges looks interesting, but I think they’re just there… for the sake of being there. The art is okay… I think the “line” design is better (and why the “cross” design called “cross” anyway?). I haven’t really used any MadCatz sticks before (used Hori for a long time) so I have no experience with their durability. Overall, looks neat.

  12. RoJoZa

    Cool contest format and good looking stick.

  13. Dansk1

    The line-design looks better in my oppininon. Have never tried a madcats stick so that would be cool.
    Anyways good revew/giveaway and keep up the god work on the SFxT episodes.

  14. sirkazzy

    been following your guys’ youtube channel.. keep it up 🙂

    1. greendragon

      I follow the channel too. The bogus journeys was hilarious! Aris and the dude sitting on his right were so funny! I’d vote for them to come back

  15. Cam Frye

    Really cool design imo. madcatz super awesome and can’t wait for this game ZOMG!