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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited – First Gameplay Videos

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited was at the 2012 Amusement Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada this past week. There weren’t any other competitive Tekken players at the event, but I recorded some matches anyway to give people a look at the game’s biggest new features – the 1v2 and 1v1. Note that this is not the final version of the game though it is expected to go live for places that have TTT2 in the next month. I have a couple more videos that I’ll be putting up over the next couple of days as well. More videos after the jump and be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel to grab them as they come in.


17 responses to “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited – First Gameplay Videos”

  1. Andre

    I saw the three videos of the ttt2u, I really don’t like the idea. That they put 1vs2 or 1vs1, it’s not really ttt2 anymore. They should just call it tekken 6 unlimited. It justs defeats the reason of calling it ttt2, it’s a tag team game 2vs2.

    1. abner

      yeah i agree with you. but i think they did it for those who cant care to learn a sub character as the tag partner. which is kind of understandable too since not everyone wants to or has time to learn a secondary character.

  2. Rerayaman

    why don’t you test the PAIR PLAY mode? i think that the pair play mode is the very best part of this TEKKEN UNLIMITED up date.

    1. Rip

      Its kind of hard to test pair play when theres only one machine at the show hehe. Seriously though, while pair play is new for arcades, its not a new feature for games so it isnt going to have as big of an impact, especially in USA where most places that would get the arcade machine would NOT have 4 cabinets. Tekken Tag 1 has pair play, Street Fighter x Tekken has pair play – so at this point its more expected than revolutionary

      1. Ray


  3. calvin

    I wanted to know when the console release is for the USA
    And how’s 1vs2

  4. Rerayaman

    well… i see that condition… hope that NamcoBandai had a better solution for that.
    ow, and… i see different life bar count in each mode. i wonder if we use only 1 character in 1vs2, is that the live bar is increasing as we hit the opponent and did not increase when we just standby? or it’s increase all the time?

    btw, can you say “hi…!” from me to Kanen Aris?
    i’m his fan from indonesia. i like the way he drivin’ Lili. cool.

  5. TheOyabun

    I think there’s a problem with my sub on YouTube.. I never get notified from LUYG.. :O
    I only get to know later via other sources..

  6. Toro

    single option is for beginners, but it’s a nice option for players who wants to play with 1 character.

  7. ketlord

    i am not sure if 1 v 2 is a successfull idea !! i dont know what namco is into??

  8. Does the machine just spit out a card or do you have to get them somewhere else?

    1. Rip

      Its usually not part of the machine (though it was for Tekken 5 initially). Usually you purchase it from the arcade owner or there will be a card vending machine operated by the arcade.

  9. abner

    i hate how the banapass doesnt record all your matches though. like it cherrypicks among your best and worst fights.

    wow that raged law ff+3 is overpowered lol. but then again it’s 1 VS 2 after all. /LikeA(Big)Boss

  10. kakarot

    Some people said that single character is over powered but think its not even the life bar recovers itself. I like the new twist in this game.

  11. RobTags

    I think the primary player shall be given the power to decide over the challenger and so as the winning player on which mode ( 2vs2, 2vs1, 1vs2 and 1vs1) shall be played, by this way the mode change will not be abused in the game and will not be taken as an advantage or count as a disadvantage in the game and so as to avoid excuses after the match is over. If the challenger wishes to change the game mode of the Primary or Winning player, a Request Mode Change shall be sent by the Challenger. If denied of such request twice and consent is not given. The match should proceed in the World of the Primary/Winning player. This will also solve the Life-bar level and Healing issues and concerns. Please feel free to comment on my suggestions. NAMCO is just around the corner checking for relevant post and suggestions……. PS: not to forget that NAMCO should reward the Primary/Winning player the Power to change mode in each Arcade battle until End Boss of the game to fully enjoy every minute and second of TTT2Unlimited…

  12. Rayzor

    To be honest since sfxtekken came out i lost interest in tekken and street fighter games. i love sfxtekken even though they rob the tekken characters when they go up against some street fighter characters like Ken, Ryu, Rolento, Cammy and that ruffus guy

  13. Eddie Fleming

    I can’t wait for this game more than anything.