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Tekken Tag 2 – Fight Lab Video + Easy Input Mode?

Gamespot has put up two new videos of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The first shows off some of the new Fight Lab while the second shows off a bunch of the special team throws/combos in the game. Fight Lab of course is the one I’m more interested in since Tekken 6’s Practice Mode caught a lot of flack. From this trailer alone it looks like Fight Lab is designed more for beginners, giving them a sort of challenge mode to familiarize themselves with the games systems. Hopefully there’s more advanced sections of it as well as the traditional practice mode with record function.

The very first clip shows a combo where inputs are highlighted as it goes along, however the inputs appear to be super easy. Does this mean Tekken Tag 2 has adopted Capcom’s Easy Input option for beginners? I wouldn’t be surprised considering the reasons we’ve heard for solo mode being added. Easy inputs have been common in handheld versions of fighting games for awhile (Tekken 3DS, SF4 on iPhone etc) but this would be the first Tekken for home consoles to feature it. Its an interesting combo as well since it mixes moves from multiple characters so it may just be there to teach people combo structure/timing (launch, bind, ender). CANT WAIT FOR THIS GAME TO DROP





7 responses to “Tekken Tag 2 – Fight Lab Video + Easy Input Mode?”

  1. lolololo

    Easy inputs?

    Yo Rip you can ‘program’ Combot’s movelist, remember the PR?

    Wake up. 😛

    1. Rip

      Even though you can ‘program’ Combot’s movelist, they sure are easy inputs as opposed to the actual inputs ;p

  2. Tony Lew


  3. Alex Chin

    Fight Lab would be great for beginners.

  4. Dengo Vlad Tepes

    no pleeaaase no easy inputs

  5. LevelUpYourGame

    Looks like the easy inputs they showed were just for use when customizing combot in Fight Lab. The customized Combots can be used in online play though (unranked matches) so that should be interesting

  6. Dengo Vlad Tepes

    exactly , its like he’s the first step for the newbies