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Tekken x SF Leaked Images?

UPDATE: Michael Murray has confirmed that these are NOT TxSF pictures, and instead are just Tekken Tag 2 customizations.
A couple of leaked pictures have shown up around the internet of possible development pictures for Tekken x SF.




a fat ryu and ken? … or maybe cosplaying Ganryu and Bob? Heihachi cosplaying as Akuma?





under “Heihachi” looks like it may be perhaps Devil Jin and Kazuya in the small filmstrip pics as well.











7 responses to “Tekken x SF Leaked Images?”

  1. Islaw

    Maybe this is just Tekken Tag 2 customization?

  2. reepal

    Bob as Ken?! Gan..RYU!? Tekken x SF!?

  3. Naughty08

    Looks like a ‘Hadouken’ Bob is performing. 

  4. tekken101

    this is some fake ass news shit that yall having been pushing way too hard lately, even spamming tz.   i liked you guys at first, but this is some desperate bullshit.

    1. reepal

      The image on the front page is an O RLY bird.. the title has a question mark.. The text says “possible” development pictures. I can easily see how you confused that for ‘100% confirmed TxSF pictures’ that we pushed so hard =p

  5. Zba

    Hey rip, is that poll Harada put up serious? Go hibiki, sawada? Tell him to put in a few darkstalker characters instead. Capitalize on the hype.

  6. Targie

    Hey Rip, just dropping a tip.
    Gamespot recently did an interview with fighting game people asking a bunch of them questions like ‘do you think the genre does enough for new players’, more recently they asked Harada the same questions. It’s an interesting read in of itself but there’s also some more details about Fight Lab that I haven’t seen mentioned before (such as Combot not being allowed in ranked matches, which is something of a given, but nice to have confirmed)