14th Jun2012

sithlord’s VF5:FS Jeffry Combo Video

by Rip

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Virtua Fighter 5:Final Showdown (VF5:FS) in the short time I’ve played, its that no one knows how to spell this guys name correctly! Its cool to see players from other 3D fighters trying this game out though. Some notes about the game/video from sithlord himself after the jump:

~Floating distance seems to depend on the character and the starter used. (confirmed, characters have different weight)
~You get additional frames from moves on a STed or BTed opponent. Also, and I am still testing this, but it seems some moves yield additional frames at distances too.
~Two combos with 3 Bounds (Virtua Fighter refers to them as “Bounces”) in a juggle.
~Less escapable combos this time around.
~Some combos become possible on a STed or BTed opponent only.

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