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AAK’s Beginners Guide to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on ATP

Almost exactly a year ago we linked to AAK’s awesome beginner’s guide to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with Tekken Hybrid. Now he is bringing the guide over to ATP in a multi-part series. I assume its updated from the original (?) but I’m not sure tbh since there are still images from Hybrid. Still a very useful read for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet so be sure to check it out!





One response to “AAK’s Beginners Guide to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on ATP”

  1. SuperAmmario

    I updated the NeoGAF thread around 3-4 months in, don’t think anybody noticed. Fixed some more things and added extra things to the current ATP version. The NEOGaf thread is going to be put to death after Tag 2’s console release, so I wanted all the information saved somewhere.
    Thanks again for the mention 🙂 Don’t know if I ever told you but your LYUG Episode 1 was one of the main motivators for me to make this.