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Seattle End of Summer 2012 Tournament – Live Sept 22/23

Seattle EOS – aka End of Summer 2012 Tournament featuring Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be live this weekend. You can catch all the action over at www.twitch.tv/seattlefootclan. Full schedule is below:

Day 1 – September 22nd
Noon – 4pm Marvel & SF4 3v3 Team Events
5pm -6pm Break
6pm – Midnight SF4, Persona 4, Tekken, Marvel Pools
Midnight – 2am Casuals and MM

Day 2
10am – Noon Emergency Overflow Pools for all games.
Noon – 3pm Persona 4 Finals
Noon – Conclusion Virtua Fighter 5
3pm – 5pm Street Fighter 4 Finals
4pm – 5pm Soul Calibur V
5pm – 6pm Break
6pm – 8pm Marvel Finals
6pm – Conclusion KOF XIII
8pm – 10pm Tekken Finals






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  1. Alex Chin

    do you guys have TTT2 on ps3 also?