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Tekken Tag 2 – Live Action Short Film

Oh man, if you like seeing attempts at video game live action, you’re going to want to see this Tekken Tag 2 live action. Its pretty entertaining (and has some AWESOME dubbing) – and does some of the key things that I think all live action fighting game translations need to do – 1. Showcase trademark moves from characters 2. Show game system features (Tag throw? Solo mode?! Too good) 3. Use music from the game! It also does the #1 bad thing that other live action translations do – make up stuff for your version of the game world – Ling/Alisa are part of a street gang!? Lars can make castle sized explosions?!





2 responses to “Tekken Tag 2 – Live Action Short Film”

  1. iFrankTheThird

    @LevelUpYourGame I find it very appropriate that Law kinda looks like @reepal lol. Oh dyum girl!

  2. Maximum Power

    awesome… ps4 graficPower LOL