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SBO / Tougeki – Closed!

Over at the official Tougeki site, they have put up an announcement that Tougeki has had a rough 2010’s and that they will be suspending operations. Their message does say that they plan to re-organize it to create a new “Tougeki” scene, so hopefully they will be back stronger than before. As a competitor, traveling to Japan to compete in Tougeki were some of my favorite trips. It was always an international tournament with qualifiers from around the world sending players/teams to compete in this one tournament. Hopefully they will be able to rebuild and come back stronger. Click here for their full message





2 responses to “SBO / Tougeki – Closed!”

  1. noodalls

    They also appear to be re-renewing their arcadia magainze again next month. Already did it last time in 2010, then ended up reverting to the old style pretty quickly.

  2. Alex Chin

    and they were on their 10th anniversary wth happened