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Free Training Mode Coming to Tekken Revolution

With Tekken Revolution’s free to play release last week, one of the community’s biggest requests has been a training mode. Earlier today on twitter Harada announced via tweet that a Training Mode will be added to Tekken Revolution and it will be free! Will coins be needed though!? Since Harada mentioned that part of the reason they are trying this model is to to grow the player base, it makes sense to give new players a place to hone their skills before losing their blue coins and tickets! If you’re interested in the MadCatz interview with Harada and Michael Murray at E3, check it out below:





One response to “Free Training Mode Coming to Tekken Revolution”

  1. mrfourjimmy

    Harada is a GOD!!!
    Capcom that is how you make your customers happy!!!
    Hopefully he doesn’t eff it up and make the training mode cost coins or tickets.