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Eliza – How to Get Big Boobs

When I started this website, I didn’t think I’d be making a post with a topic like this… but here it is! Credit to Kane for figuring it all out! Again you have to unlock Blood Seals. To unlock Eliza’s Big Boobs Costume, you have to unlock the Second round of 70,000 Blood Seals. To recap, the first 20,000 Blood Seals unlocks the character Eliza. Then the next 70,000 Blood Seals unlocks Eliza’s Bikini Costumes. Then the 70,000 Blood Seals after that unlocks her big boobs costume. I guess.. check out the video below to see tit in action?





6 responses to “Eliza – How to Get Big Boobs”

  1. L_Z_N

    At first I thought I was viewing SankakuComplex.

  2. Charles May

    im done

  3. Daniel Dedic

    they are a little bit too big ~ her normal ones are just fine

  4. Romek Janiak

    god 70k… easy way to take off money from ppl 🙂 without tickets even unlocking her will take ages

  5. LevelUpYourGame

    20k to unlock her was only 4 hours with coins + moku rush. So I think regular unlock will probably be less than a month.

  6. LevelUpYourGame

    They also plan to have Blood Seal events to gain the Blood Seals faster