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MASTERCUP 7 is LIVE! Largest TTT2 Tournament in the World!

Mastercup 7 is live from Japan! The largest Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tournament in the world. This TTT2 tournament is a 5v5 format with 880 players, 38 TEKKEN machines, and all run in a single day! Saint and HelpMe from Korea are in attendance. There is also a team of famous japanese combo makers as well! For the first time ever, we have an english stream of this event thanks to Markman of MadCatz. Click here for the channel or check it out below! BRACKETS HERE!





2 responses to “MASTERCUP 7 is LIVE! Largest TTT2 Tournament in the World!”

  1. LevelUpYourGame

    Brackets are here (if youre good with japanese) – http://mastercupofficial.com/9367

  2. LevelUpYourGame

    Mastercup 7 is STILL going! Winding down to top 8 teams and still awesome. Team Korea still in and op! http://twitch.tv/Tekken