10th Sep2012

AAK’s Full Tekken Tag 2 Beginner Tutorial Available at ATP

by Rip

AAK has been hard at work with all his Tekken Tag 2 tutorials to help beginners get into Tekken Tag Tournament 2. All five parts of his series are now up – so set aside some reading time and check them out.

Unit 1 – The Basics, Unit 2 – Types of Attacks, Unit 3 – Maximizing Damage, Unit 4 – Crush System and Okizeme, Unit 5 – Tag System

05th Sep2012

AAK’s Beginners Guide to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on ATP

by Rip

Almost exactly a year ago we linked to AAK’s awesome beginner’s guide to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with Tekken Hybrid. Now he is bringing the guide over to ATP in a multi-part series. I assume its updated from the original (?) but I’m not sure tbh since there are still images from Hybrid. Still a very useful read for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet so be sure to check it out!

06th Sep2011

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Basics Guide on NeoGAF

by Rip

AAK has put together one of the most impressive text/picture guides I have ever seen for Tekken. While the focus is on Tekken Tag Tournament 2, most of the guide is applicable to Tekken 6 as well. He covers notation, movement, throws, netsu, bound, crush, raw tags, tag assault, tag crash etc. The entire thread is for all things Tekken so he also covers a bunch of info on Tekken WiiU, Tekken 3DS Prime, Tekken Hybrid etc.