05th Feb2016

Tekken 7 FR – Akuma has EX Meter and New Designs for Old Characters!

by Rip

Hot off the presses, Akuma has EX Meter in Tekken 7! Seems like he’s the only one who has it as well. Additionally, there are screenshots of the new designs for Alisa, Devil Jin, Hwoarang, Steve Fox, and Paul Phoenix. What happened to Hwoarang’s eye?! Check them out after the jump, or watch the video to see my thoughts of all of this!


28th Apr2013

Devil Jin Tag Crash Setups Using FLY 3+4

by Rip

Diggs86 has put up a few videos related to tag crash punishing, however this video shows the coolest usage imo, by using a lesser known fact about Devil Jin’s fly (3+4) to BLOCK and PUNISH tag crash. Definitely seems like something that all Devil Jin/Angel players should look into and work into their game: