03rd Oct2015

King of Iron Fist 2015 West Coast Qualifier – Archive!

by Rip

The King of Iron Fist 2015 West Coast Qualifier is live now (UPDATE: Archive below) from Round 1 at the Puente Hills Mall. The winner of this tournament will be one of the USA representatives sent to Japan to compete in the King of Iron Fist 2015 tournament later this year. The favorite to win is Mr.Naps, but there are quite a few contenders as Aris, MYK, Kane, Suiken, JustFrameJames and many others will be there as well. The stream is available from teamsp00ky. Check out the full twitch archive after the jump or if you prefer youtube, click here for the playlist of the Top 8.

19th Jun2013

Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Lili Tutorial – with Kane!

by Rip

Finally! I got Kane on the show to cover Lili for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (and we also throw in some Tekken Revolution tidbits in when necessary). This is a pretty long episode, so sorry for that, but at the end of it Kane does go over some cool okizeme options that even veteran TTT2 Lili players will probably want to take a look at. Be sure to follow our twitch channel to catch future tutorials live and follow Kane on twitch/twitter as well! BTW, MYK will be back for the next tutorial!

02nd Feb2013

SCR 2013 – Tekken Tag 2 – Pools – Day 2 ft. Kane, FilthieRich, Inkog, JFJ, Aris and more

by Rip

Socal Regionals 2013 is in the books, but Tekken Tag 2 didn’t get any stream time for the pools so I captured most of it by camcorder. If you didn’t catch Day 1 Pools action, check out this post. Here is the playlist for ALL of the matches containing both Day 1 and Day 2. Players include Kane, Mr. Naps, Inkognito, FilthieRich, JustFrameJames, Aris, K30, Alexman, Jackie_tran and MORE! There are also a couple of Top 16 matches included in the FULL PLAYLIST. Check out some samples below:

11th Sep2012

Tekken Tag 2 – Sexy Girl Combos by Kane

by Rip

Oh me oh my.. Kane has been very very busy making some Sexy Girl Combos for Tekken Tag 2! Check out this awesome combo compilation featuring his favorite girly characters in their bikinis and skirts.

04th Sep2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Combo Mastery Video by Namco

by Rip

Check it out! Awesome new Tekken Tag Tournament 2 combo video from Namco! Lots of new character awesomeness as well as old character awesomeness. And the creator of the combos is probably someone who posted news on the LUYG site before.. just sayin..

10th Jul2012

Kane’s TTT2 Combo Vid From Evolution 2012

by Rip

Remember that combo video that they showed at Evo 2012 to show off the Tag Assault combos with the DLC characters? What they didn’t tell you was that Kane was the person who performed the combos and Namco who put it together! The video is now on Youtube so you can check it out in full HD below. Shoutouts to Kane, and if you’re interested in checking out other Kane combos for TTT2 click here and here.

11th Jun2012

Tekken Tag 2 – Test Angel Combos by Kane

by Rip

Check out these sample Tekken Tag 2 Angel combos from her f+3,1. The f+3 is a stance/command dash and leads to some juicy stuff. The electric is not nearly as difficult as Kazuya’s df+2 CH electric either.