01st Feb2012

Street Fighter x Tekken: Leaked DLC List?

by Rip

ScrewAttack has posted up a list of supposed DLC for Street Fighter x Tekken. Most interesting to me is the character pack which supposedly will include Christie, Leo, Guy, and Cody. If you guys remember back to the Comic-Con trailer, the Hugo/Poison CGI trailer showed Guy and Cody in the background. People have wondered why no gameplay has been revealed yet. Put 2 and 2 together and it gives this rumor some credibility. There’s a lot of DLC here.. $35 worth according to this rumor, check out the list after the jump:

18th Jan2012

Soul Calibur 5 Rumor: Kilik, Elysium Screenshots Leaked

by Rip

Originally from NeoGaf, here are some screenshots that show Kilik and Elysium on the character select screen. The screenshots look pretty legit to me. Looks like there is an additional Pyrrha as well. Only 2 weeks until the game is released, but this almost fills up the character select screen! Is it just me or does Kilik look like that one dude from Digimon!?