23rd May2014

Rise of Incarnates Alpha – Overview & Impressions

by Rip

Bandai Namco’s latest fighting game is out with an alpha release right now! Rise of Incarnates is a 3D fighter similar to the Gundam fighting series. It is a free to play game that will be released later this year for PC. Sign up for the alpha at riseofincarnates.com! I spent all night playing it and here are my impressions and an overview of the game. Are you guys excited for this game?

13th Apr2014

Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Hwoarang ft. SpeedKicks

by Rip

Morning Bread & Butter is back covering one of the most complex characters in Tekken Tag tournament 2, Hwoarang. Rip is joined by SpeedKicks, whom this tutorial would not have been possible without. This is our longest Morning Bread & Butter episode ever, with the tutorial weighing in at over 2 hours long. Complex characters simply require more time to cover. Additionally, Rip and Speedkicks play a short first to 2 set at the end of the video. What other characters would you like to see us cover before Evo?

21st May2013

Injustice – Batgirl Combo Video by Rip

by Rip

Today was the big patch drop for Injustice along with the release of the second DLC character, Batgirl. In addition to the day 1 combo video I made below I also have a play thru of the battles mode with Batgirl as well as her ending. Check them all out after the jump:


12th Nov2012

Morning Bread & Butter – TTT2 – Slim Bob, Miharu, Sebastian – DLC Overview

by Rip

In this episode of our character tutorial series for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 we give an overview of the first batch of DLC characters – Slim Bob, Miharu, Sebastian! As these were clone characters we focused more on their differences than how to play them overall. Be sure to follow the twitch channel to be notified when we go live with TTT2, whether it be tutorials or just online play: