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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 First Impressions

Apparently the game is playable at Comic Con and some people are already having their hands on it.  EG.fLoE has been playing the game for a while now and has been flooding His Twitter Account with notable changes of the game. He has also confirmed that the DHC Glitch and Exchange Glitch are both removed.

So far here are some of the notable changes, special thanks to EventHubs.com

• You can now X-factor in the air.
• Phoenix can only have one action per jump… meaning one fireball then she floats down.
• Characters now say something upon entering the screen when the previous character died.
• Many of the returning cast has new moves, or moves that act differently, (Ryu’s Hyper Fireball now bounces off of walls, Taskmaster and Spencer are shown with new moves.)

• Ghost Rider has at least 2 special moves that OTG, and his two level one supers appear to OTG. His level 3 super is a grab where he uses the Penance stare on you.
• Strider is the first character to have two level 3 supers, (Ragnarok, and the Ouroboros.) Most of his moveset from Marvel 2 was shown. His robot animal super OTGs.
• Firebrand’s level 3 appears to summon a computer controlled doppleganger firebrand to assist.
• Hawkeye’s level 3 super OTGs. He fires off Antman, who hits the opponent, then grows in size and gives the opponent the biggest Monty Python boot known to man. Hawkeye has different arrows he can fire depending on the button pressed (frozen shot, poison shot, piercing shot, triple arrow, scatter shot, and net shot are shown.)
• Wolverine’s Berserker Slash is not invincible and slower.
• Viewtiful Joe has the “Slow Dodge” move now. It’s a special move that’s super cancellable. In the Viewtiful Joe games, if you activated Slow and you got attacked, you’d dodge.
• Magneto has a new special move where he sucks you in with magnetism. Gravitation magnetizes the opponent. Repulsion pushes them away. Attraction pulls them towards you. His air-to-ground dash is slower now.
• Akuma’s Hurricane Kick Assist doesn’t knock down anymore, the opponent will flip out.
• Ryu can charge up his fireballs and they fly so quickly you can barely see them on screen. Charging can be done by holding down the button, like in Street Fighter X Tekken. A fully charged fireball will explode on contact, causing a wall bounce. He can also charge his Shoryuken now. Ryu can cancel his overhead with special moves now.
• Taskmaster has a new move called the Charge Sting. It impales the opponent, can combo into it. It appears that he can grab after his Charging Star move now.
• Dormammu’s Flame Carpet OTG now pushes the opponent very far away. Much harder to combo from, even with an assist.
• Wolverine has a new move where he does a bunch of slices at close range, with the odd shoutout to “Swiss cheese.” This attack is similar to Chun-Li’s lightning legs, except it’s with his claws.
• Storm has a move that pulls in the enemy and pushes them away with wind.