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Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited – Solo Mode Single Player Runs

Here are a couple more videos of Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited I took from the Amusement Expo in Las Vegas last week. As I explained previously, there weren’t many competitive players around, so I ended up playing against the computer a bit. Ran through the game with Paul then Law in solo mode. Check out the matches below, Paul and a bunch of deathfists after the jump:


8 responses to “Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited – Solo Mode Single Player Runs”

  1. Alex Chin

    Thats Very sad that you lost with paul at the end 😛
    I like Law’s new moves 😛 you are such a good player.

  2. Ricardo

    don’t know what its called, but thats the Hand of Darkness.looks like its worse than Jinpachi’s Stomach Ulcer. . .

  3. didigoku

    your game looks pretty good on arcade cabinet ! you did combos you never do with pad controller. why don’t you keep playing with arcade stick? 🙂
    btw thanks for posting these vidz ! 🙂

    1. Rip

      There are plenty of combos I’m able to do, but just not over 90% reliably. Playing the computer for fun I was just messing around. In tournaments, I play with combos that I can hit consistently.

  4. Damajer

    the Ai is too fucking great
    in 6 they atleast did combos after launch

  5. Loukas Liaskos

    So, 2 good juggles is all it takes to drain 1 health bar. I think the damage is a bit too much when playing solo

  6. Alex Chin

    dont forget paul is chuck norris 😛

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